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We produce video for all digital applications, from strategy through to execution. Cost efficient, world class production to service the marketing needs of all advertisers big and small.

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SpotDocs Documentary Style Marketing
Production Services

Production Services clients are so welcome.

We specialize in taking care of this genre and have worked with clients from all over the world. We really enjoy working collaboratively. We provide all the support components our visiting clients need to complete a production efficiently in, what may be, an unfamiliar country or location. We manage production services all across Canada.

I found the process to be simple, convenient, inclusive and, most importantly, for my budget purposes, cost effective.

- R. McParland - VP Marketing, MR.SUB -


Pamela McNamara
Owner / Executive Producer

You can afford quality production for your TV campaigns and web video.

“Based on years of experience working with the top marketers for the top brands in the world, I have a format to offer you that will produce quality work for your brand. I specialize in identifying and bringing together the professionals who can make your marketing vision a reality. It is my job to make your experience working with my team a collaborative, satisfying and rewarding time. It is my responsibility to make sure your job is finished to the highest quality, on time and on budget.”
Call me anytime if you would like to know more about my marketing service.


The entire process from consultation, creative brief, script approval through to filming was fantastic. The end product – outstanding!

- Valerie Taylor - Director of Marketing, Shaw Festival -

Our Work

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Laurence Shanet is KRANKY. Raised by wolves from an early age after a fluke curling accident, KRANKY was destined to become a commercial director. Or a life coach. Whichever one gets more chicks, really. After studying film at Johns Hopkins and NYU, KRANKY’s advertising career started out on the agency side, where he spent more than 10 years writing, producing and supervising award-winning commercial work for some of the world’s top agencies, until they caught him at it. Despite the moniker, he is generally pleasant.

Kranky's Portfolio

Working with Kranky was fantastic. His only goal is to create great commercials. He’s relentless. But that is exactly what it takes to create memorable spots.

- R. Cartwright - Creative Director, Curiousity Advertising -

SpotDocs. Real People. Real Stories.

SpotDocs (a division of Shooters) specializes in the marketing genre of Real People/Real Stories. Advertisers are, more and more, embracing this category of marketing. It allows them to communicate to the viewer in an honest, transparent, engaging and memorable manner.

CIBC Wood Gundy // Alan Friedman, Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor
Director: Jay Ferguson
TurnAround Couriers
Director: Sarah Keenlyside

Whether it is television broadcast, web video, business-to-business video or a hit on YouTube, Pamela will passionately bring your story to life, ignite your brand and elevate your company’s image.

- Distinctive Women -


We've worked with great brands. Here are just a select few:

Pamela McNamara - Owner/Executive Producer - pmcnamara@shootersfilm.com
Jim Williams - Financial Manager - jwilliams@shootersfilm.com
Vilma Mamun - Executive Assistant - vmamun@shootersfilm.com
63 Berkeley Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2W5

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